Ceramics and natural stone – a winning combination!



  •  are now an important element of the STIEGLER range and complement its traditional focus on natural stone. Builders and planners often use the two groups of materials in tandem to form aesthetically pleasing structures.

The STIEGLER ceramics department 


  • includes all major collections in its range, including complete home tiling concepts, floor tile systems with borders, inlays

    and steps, through to individual decors for specific areas.

  • Its membership of the IGA purchasing organisation ensures its materials

    not only keep up with the latest fashions but are also excellent value

    for money.

Ceramic highlights at STIEGLER


  • With numerous designers and manufacturers offering such a wide spectrum of product variations and range of options, every taste is catered for.


  • Ceramic products are compatible with the principles of "Bau-Biologie", i.e. healthy building. Their high resistance to bacteria, fungi etc. ensures maximum home hygiene even in difficult areas, e.g. the bathroom and kitchen.
  • The STIEGLER Team will be happy to advise you about all the other advantages of CERAMICS, e.g.
    mechanical stresses
    healthy room environments
    fire safety
    colour-fastness and anti-fade properties
    environmentally friendly production processes