Corporate philosophy

The STIEGLER company is one of the oldest organisations in continuous existence in the field of extraction and finishing of natural stone (SOLNHOFEN since 1761). It is an independent, owner-managed medium-sized enterprise.

Its fundamental principles are personal customer contact based on a price/performance relationship that is in line with market conditions. It is monitored by its own inhouse quality assurance system.

Company quarries

We extract SOLNHOFEN and JURA stone from our own quarries. The advantages for our customers are: optimal product quality because STIEGLER's know-how and years of experience ensure top-quality materials from its own quarries! This means that there is no risk with subsequent orders if the relevant samples are presented.

Inhouse quality assurance system

Thanks to precisely planned quality inspections of purchased materials (e.g. granite, quartzite etc.), and uncompromising production quality, we can guarantee the highest standards. In the course of a century of production experience with industrial finishing techniques, we have developed a network of inspection points to produce absolute top quality.

Ceramic range

The STIEGLER ceramic range complements rather than replaces the natural stone range for planners and construction engineers: More building materials and components under one roof!

Discussions with numerous customers have shown that building projects often require both types of material:

What counts is optimisation of the material for the planned applications! The results are:

  • optimal use
  • perfect colour harmonisation
  • harmonious colour contrasts with material combinations
  • less material wear
  • improved overall look of a room

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