Delivery time

Your regional sales manager will inform you about delivery times for  standard items and special requirements. No general statements about delivery times can be made here as the materials and the type of finish differ from case to case and always depend on the actual customer order.



You can choose between collection, delivered on site, delivery with crane truck


Fright cost / packing

The material prices are normally nett ex-works.

Naturally, the freight costs depend on the type and scope of the order. We shall be happy to supply a quotation for the freight costs.

The packing costs are shown separately on the invoice.


Subsequent deliveries

Because SOLNHOFEN and JURA stone are extracted from our own quarries, we can ensure subsequent deliveries of similar colour and quality. With granite, marble, slate, quartzite and sandstone we rely on
proven suppliers. Normally, if requested, you can obtain binding original samples when ordering. Your regional sales manager will be happy to supply you with information about special material characteristics, e.g.

  • frost resistance
  • abrasion resistance
  • installation procedures
  • possible discolorations etc.
  • impregnation, care

Please note:
natural stone is a unique natural product. It is not a reproducible, mass-produced article!