GALA - garden design and landscaping

Garden design, landscaping and stiegler

  • Our 1,000 m2 show garden in Solnhofen says more than 1,000 words.
  • STIEGLER 1001 types of natural stone from all over the world for indoor and particulary for outdoor use!

Natural stone - a real all-rounder!

  • Helps divide up areas of the garden
  • Offers diversity and contrast, light and shade
  • Reliably performs static tasks
  • Gives excellent non-slip safety
  • Helps with all water-based projects, e.g.: pond borders, stream beds, drains, troughs, fountains, bridges, pools
  • Numerous format combinations for paving stones, path slabs etc.

Natural stone - back to nature!

  • Natural stone helps you create your own individual garden, while taking the natural features of the landscape into account. Make the most of what nature provides!
  • Construction material from nature
  • Partially frost-resistant
  • Wide range of applications: Flat path slabs to solid stone blocks
  • Spectrum of colours from natural stone
  • Gives lots of interesting ideas for garden design: from refined sculptures to rustic boulders.