Granite und Stiegler

  • Our GRANITES are sourced from all over the world by our highly qualified staff.
  • The GRANITES are then finished in our production department, benefiting from centuries of STIEGLER expertise in the working of natural stone.
  • Being a family business, our size ensures that information flows freely between all staff, enabling error-free material purchasing, perfect dimensioning and optimal surface finishing.
  • Expert advice from well-qualified employees with years of experience

Granites - extremely durable excellent value for money sourced worldwide

  • GRANITE is an igneous rock characterised by its extreme hardness and durability. (Density to DIN 52103 approx. 2.6 to 2.8  kg/dm3)
  • The material and its surfaces are extremely resistant to weather, frost and salt. (Abrasion to DIN 52108 approx. 3.8 – 4.5  cm3 / 50cm2)
  • Its excellent affordability and its attractive, stylish looks make it an extremely popular material.
  • GRANITE is ideal for use in INTERIOR AREAS subject to heavy mechanical or chemical demands, e.g. as a work surface in the kitchen or as a floor covering in the bathroom.
  • It's also excellent for OUTDOOR AREAS for façade cladding, floor coverings, steps (e.g. in busy pedestrian zones).

Granites - technically perfect finishes

  • The extremely hard material properties enable surface finishes that are exactly matched to purpose,


    • outstanding anti-slip characteristics
    • resistance to frost and salt
    • extreme strength
    • can be combined with other materials
    • wide range of colours
    • extremely suitable for areas where hygiene is important

    The following surface finishes have proven effective and popolar:


    • sawn
    • ground
    • polished
    • flamed
    • bush-hammered
    • sand-blasted
    • brushed

  • GRANITE is increasingly used for work surfaces, wash stands and

    floor coverings in bathrooms and kitchens because of its outstanding

    hygienic properties.