Jura stone - a natural product

  • A valuable natural product – stored and developed underground for 180 million years
  • Dense, resistant limestone from 97% CaCO3 (calcium carbonate)
  • Wide variety of formats available
  • Wide variety of surfaces available    
  • Good heat transfer (underfloor heating)
  • High strength (abrasion/weather-resistant)
  • Antique range
  • Not subject to the vagaries of fashion

Jura stone - a value-enhancing material

  • The layers (beds) of rock in the quarry are extracted and cut into rough slabs, then surface-finished and sawn to the desired formats.
  • Standard formats, special formats
  • Floor, stair and wall coverings
  • Antique range with a variety of different rough surfaces and broken edges
  • Extremely slip-resistant and easy-care surfaces
  • Interior use:
    Maximum interior quality thanks to the harmonious colour tones of JURA and its excellent, natural physical characteristics   
  • Exterior use:
    Blocks, path slabs, steps
  • Facades for large buildings

Jura stone and STIEGLER

  • Experience of natural stone since 1761
  • The company has its own JURA quarries to ensure optimal material quality
  • In-house finishing processes, state-of-the-art equipment for maximum precision
  • Medium-sized family company with approx. 150 customer-oriented employees
  • Worldwide presence and distribution of JURA STONE products