At STIEGLER the sourcing and finishing of the most popular types of MARBLE from all over the world are governed by the same basic principles of quality assurance and value enhancement as we use with our GRANITES.

Naturally, the finishing of MARBLE has its own laws, which STIEGLER has the expertise and technology to adhere to. Over 200 years of experience in the working of natural stone and a flexible corporate structure are guarantees of quality.

More than 200 million years old, MARBLE is a crystallised limestone that can be sawn from blocks into rough slabs in the same way as granite. After intense polishing and surface finishing MARBLE can display a huge spectrum of colours.

When originally created, MARBLE is white. Over time it then gains its intense colouring with additions of e.g. graphite and iron.

As a type of limestone, MARBLE is particularly suitable for interior use.
Just as with ground Solnhofen stone, it is an ideal material for use as flooring and stairs to give a colourful and impressive ambience.