Our showroom in Solnhofen

The STIEGLER  SHOWROOMS and INFO CENTERS offer a better service because they provide complete information.

The 2 showrooms for indoor and outdoor use offer a comprehensive information service for building projects:

  • 1001 types of natural stone from all over the world, displayed as floor or stair coverings and in all other standard applications
  • An unmissable collection of ceramic tiles
  • 1000 ideas for the garden and landscaping

We have an unparalleled range of natural stone and other construction materials, in an attractive ambience, with cleverly designed lighting.
Here is the ideal opportunity come to grips (literally!) with your raw materials.

You'll find a number of different surface finishes for the same material as well as coloured ceramic tiles with application-specific lighting (e.g. workplace lighting, home lighting etc.)

You can compare different laid examples displayed against the sort of
materials you would normally find nearby, e.g. typical door woods, curtain materials, furniture coverings, linen designs and much more)

In the garden area you can walk over floor and outside surfaces and experience their effect in various lighting options, in sunlight...

STIEGLER shows the Materials used in todays building industry

With its 2 Info Centers, STIEGLER:

  • gives you the information you need
  • to build correctly and cost-effectively and to undertake successful renovation projects

Building materials and garden area in Solnhofen

800 m<sup>2</sup> showroom area <br>natural stone and ceramic tiles
1000 m<sup>2</sup> showroom area <br>natural stone for urban gardens and landscaping
Opening times

Showrooms open each Sunday from 13:30 to 16:30 except Easter Sunday and Whitsun. No advice or sales.

Garden area always open: Information system available 24 hours a day.


Where to find us:

Frauenberger Weg 1

91807 Solnhofen

Tel. 0049 (0) 9145 - 602 -0

Fax 0049 (0) 9145 - 602 -11

Begin your visual dream tour of our materials here and find an unrivalled range of SOLNHOFEN STONE and JURA marble.