Natural split finishes and stiegler

  • Since the discovery of NATURAL SPLIT FINISHES for the German market, we have been among the top European suppliers.
  • We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of NATURAL SPLIT FINISHES. It is also vital to us that we only supply materials from Brazil, India and elsewhere of guaranteed quality.
  • Bespoke orders are no problem for us.
  • Our field sales staff constantly supply us with ideas from customers regarding materials, colours, textures etc. and we ensure that our Purchasing Department is kept informed of these trends.

Natural split finish - attractive colours

  • Various colour spectrums (yellow, orange, brown, green and anthracite) or a colourful mixture of tones
  • Structures range from the homogenous and calm to cloudy or veined
  • Some can be polished for a shiny finish
  • With some materials, rough slabs can be supplied for finishing, e.g.:
    - window seats,
    - vanity units,
    - coping stones,
    - steps
  • Standard formats for all floor slabs or coverings
  • Thanks to reliable suppliers, there should be no problems in terms of colour, scope or deadlines for subsequent orders of materials
  • Ideal for combinations with other natural stone materials

Natural split finish - rough exterior, colourful heart

  • Standard term for many slab-type, prepared stones.
  • These include:
    - slate
    - phyllite
    - quartzite
    - sandstone
    - limestone
  • In interior areas, "soft" but compact and abrasion-resistant SLATE is often used because of its outstandingly expressive colour spectrum – sometimes with ground surfaces.
  • Frost-resistant quartzite is a favourite for outside applications. Because of its origins (it has metamorphosised from former sandstone), the slab layers consist of melted quartz grains that can easily be split into layers.
    In addition to their wonderful colours, these NATURAL SPLIT FINISHES are extremely popular because of their non-slip surfaces (e.g. R 13, for pools and outside areas)
  • Quartzites are excellent for outdoor areas because of their extreme abrasion and weather resistance and their lack of sensitivity to salt
  • Slates have various levels of resistance to abrasion and are not resistant to frost or salt