Solnhofen - a unique natural product

    • SOLNHOFEN STONE consists of  97 % CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) and has matured over 150 million years to become the densest (= excellent heat transfer) and hardest (= high abrasion resistance) limestone on earth. The naturally rough, but even, surface is unmatched in any other material.   
    • Each naturally textured, hand-split surface is unique in terms of its colouring, roughness, dendrites and fossils. Unique stone surfaces create unique floor surfaces!
    • The only place in the world where this exclusive building material occurs is close to us in the Altmühltal National Park (approx. 80 km south of Nuremberg). 
    • Thermally stable, abrasion-resistant, anti-slip, radiation-free, environmentally friendly, timeless and not subject to the vagaries of fashion.

    Solnhofen - uniquely healthy building material

    • Naturally textured surfaces with various finishing options – grinding, fine grinding or brushing.
    • First of all we quarry the polygonal slabs, which are then sawed in the quarry works to different slab formats. These are used to create interesting combinations that can be individually selected for floor, wall and stair coverings.
    • Desired slab thicknesses or thickness ranges can be obtained by sorting or calibration. Interior décor and room environments can be enhanced with the different characteristics, colours, surfaces and formats of SOLNHOFEN STONE.

    Solnhofen and stiegler

    • The "foundation stone" of the Stiegler company was laid by direct ancestors of the present owners in 1761 when SOLNHOFEN STONE started to be extracted from local quarries.
    • The material expertise, the company's own quarries and state-of-the-art finishing provide the assurance for your decision to buy SOLNHOFEN here, rather than anywhere else.