Underfloor heating

Natural stone, tiles and underfloor heating are ideally compatible. Once heated, natural stone floors are an excellent heat store. Because it only releases heat slowly to its surroundings, it remains warm for a long time.


For both the 150 million-year-old limestones (SOLNHOFEN and JURA), clean with water and ph-neutral soap. Acidic cleaners can damage the surface as limestone reacts with acid.

Care / impregnation

Heavily used floor areas (or kitchen worktops) IMPREGNATION can be impregnated before use, which significantly increases their resistance e.g. to red/white wine stains, olive/vegetable oil etc., bathwater, slush etc.

Your REGIONAL SALES MANAGER will be pleased to provide assistance, even if your floor was laid decades ago. Asking costs nothing!

Anti-slip properties

First, some figures for the experts: The relevant testing authority, LANDESGEWERBEANSTALT BAYERN (BAVARIAN TRADE ORGANISATION) defined the following in 2001:

natural/quarry-rough = R13
partially groundd = R10
honed 120/7 = R  9

For home use: Natural surfaces in the bathroom give a secure footing for wet feet.