Tradition in natural stone going back to 1761

STIEGLER is a family company that has been involved with natural stone since 1761. From modest beginnings it is now one of the leading companies specialising in natural stone and has its own quarries and stone works for SOLNHOFEN and JURA stone. In addition, STIEGLER is now involved in the finishing and sale of all types of natural stone in demand in today's international market, e.g. LIMESTONE, SLATE, QUARTZITE, GRANITE, SANDSTONE etc. for interior and external use in product lines that reflect the state of the art.

The result is al collection of import experience, skills, information and know-how that can bring you decisive benefits today.


Contemporary building techniques

  • natural building materials
  • energy-conscious building
  • healthy room environments
  • economic efficiency and low buildings costs
  • long service life not subject to the vagaries of fashion